Tee One Media Services

Video Filming

At Tee One Media, we are an event video capturers, we do our work with a strong spirit ateach and every occasion. We make sure every highlight of the part of the event is well taken care of and attracts all who watch the footage of the event. We work very closely to our client to understand the objectives and taarget they they need for each and every event.

Using our services will make sure that you have a great looking video of your event. Tee One media also creates videos to tell a story, and we are working on more services to satisfy more of your needs.



It takes attention and good listening skills to properly get what a clients wants for his/her events. We make sure our communiation are well clear for us to be able to deliver as good work as a client requested chosen form the following list.

At Tee One Media, we take a range photography: Portrait photography, Corporate portrait, Events photography, Artists and public figures, architectural and commercial photography, Beauty and fashion phorography
All the types named above, samples are listed in the gallery. you can visit it to look at the samples



Our branding focus on finding the right face for your brand for a better promotion, it is essential for your evens, bussiness to be branded to the highest level that will make it successful. Our xperienced crew work closely with clients taking much attention to their needs and also advising them on some details to get work to perfection.
What make sus diffetent is that our crew dont just give you the design but we look at whats going to work for your company or events, looking into details like color matching, and we do our research to make sure to understandyour work and get you a design that will get guide you to the future.


Invitation cards

Here at Tee One Media, we design all kind of invitation cards with the printing guidelines you chose with back or white and color.
We have a couple of samples to chose from, We also give a clients a chance to bring your own ideas for us to design you can also search for a design then we help you customise it the way you want.

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Events Program

We design programs for events like weeding, birthdays, meetings, conferences and so on. Events program can includes also table numberind and table programs

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Graffic Designs

Our main aim is to deliver a high range quality in our work, Our desingers have different options and tests depending on what you want as we specialises in logos, brochures, pamflate
We also have a team specialising in

  • Web design
  • Web development and
  • Web hosting
If you have a website designed that need to be put online, or transfered feel free to contact us.

Web design